Biden Speaks On Social Security And Medicare

Six weeks before the midterm elections, President Joe Biden will spotlight Medicare and Social Security, two hot-button issues that could have a big impact on upcoming elections. His speech at the White House came a few days after the House Republicans unveiled their plan for if voters give them power in November. In that plan, the popular programs got little to no attention. Both Medicare and Social Security will have trouble paying for themselves in the long run. Most of the solutions Democrats have come up with involve raising taxes on people with higher incomes while also expanding benefits. Republicans say that Democrats’ recent efforts to lower the cost of prescription drugs are putting more pressure on Medicare. As part of a plan to keep Medicare and Social Security going without raising taxes, many Republicans have supported raising the age at which you can get Medicare and the age at which you can retire on Social Security. Because the government spends more on Social S

Amazon Robots Are Getting Closer To Replacing Humans

As Amazon continues to develop its robot technology, it appears to be moving closer to achieving the dream of having robots perform tasks just as well as humans. A recent video shows a robotic arm that can pick up objects weighing hundreds of pounds. It might be able to replace some human warehouse workers someday or make their jobs easier. With so many companies competing for customer attention, it makes sense that retailers would want to automate their operations as much as they possibly can. According to internal research, if the company did not make a number of significant changes, such as boosting automation in its warehouses, it could not have enough workers to hire in the US by 2024. At the same time, the company faces the prospect of its employees starting to organize and potentially strike, labor activists have long suspected that Amazon may be trying to increase its use of automated technology to prevent any potential strikes from disrupting operations. The company’s di

Student Loan Forgiveness Could Cost About $400 Billion

President Joe Biden’s decision to eliminate student loan debt for millions of borrowers and postpone loan payments, according to a report from the Congressional Budget Office, will cost the federal government $400 billion over the following 30 years. Although the majority of the economic effects will be felt during the following decade, the analysis estimated the cost over a 30-year period. The nonpartisan CBO says that Biden’s executive action in August, which erased up to $20,000 in student loan debt for Pell Grant recipients and $10,000 for other borrowers, will cost about $400 billion. The CBO’s report says that Biden’s plan to put off student loan payments until the end of the year will cost an extra $20 billion. Estimates are “highly uncertain,” the CBO warned. Phillip Swagel, who is in charge of the CBO, said that it is not clear how much student loan borrowers would have to pay back if Biden’s action hadn’t been taken compared to how much they will have to pay back because

Hurricane Ian To Impact Florida

Hurricane Ian is heading straight for the coast of Florida. By Monday night, it is expected to be a Category 3 storm with winds of up to 129 miles per hour.  Evacuations have already started. But Ian isn’t just a threat because of the wind and rain. Florida’s population has been growing over the past few years, and some of the biggest increases have been in cities like Tampa and Miami, which are close to the coast and vulnerable to storms. Hurricane forecasters are getting better, but as these storms get stronger and more people to move to places where they are more likely to happen, they are upending more people and destroying more property. What’s A Storm Surge? Storm surge is when the winds of a hurricane raise the water level and push it inland, causing flooding. This is the most dangerous part of a hurricane most of the time. When combined with up to 10 inches of rain, Ian’s floodwaters could last for days. Climate change is making these effects are getting worse. Risin

What Does Pain and Suffering Mean?

Key Takeaways: Pain and suffering include physical and mental injuries suffered by accident victims. Pain and suffering damages are typically calculated using the multiplier method. To prove pain and suffering damages, you should work closely with a personal injury attorney. In a personal injury accident, pain and suffering are the physical and mental injuries suffered by an accident victim. A personal injury lawyer knows about these types of damages and how to get them in a claim or lawsuit for personal injury. If you’ve been in a traumatic car accident , you might not only be in pain but also feel things like depression or anxiety. You might feel things you’ve never felt before that just won’t go away. We will learn more about pain and suffering after an accident in the article below. Table of Contents You May Be Able to Collect Economic and Non-Economic Damages What Is Pain and Suffering? Physical Pain and Suffering Emotional Pain and Suffering Calculatin

Biden Says ‘Pandemic Is Over’

White House officials spent most of their time this year planning a careful, step-by-step plan that they hoped would help the U.S. get out of its COVID-19 pandemic era. One thing that wasn’t in the plan was for President Joe Biden to say they were out of it. President Biden’s sudden announcement that the coronavirus pandemic is “over” has made it harder for the White House to get more money to fight the virus and convince people to get a new booster shot. It has also given Republicans more reasons to criticize the administration for continuing to extend a COVID “emergency.” Biden’s comments, which aired Sunday on “60 Minutes,” reflect that more and more people think the virus is less of a threat, even though hundreds of Americans still die every day from COVID. According to an Axios-Ipsos poll that came out last week, 46% of Americans have returned to their lives before the pandemic. This is the most people who have answered this way since the pollsters started asking this questi

Family Dollar Recalls Several OTC Products

Family Dollar recently recalled several kinds of Colgate toothpaste and mouthwash because stores in more than one state did not keep them at the right temperature. This comes after the franchise owned by Dollar Tree voluntarily recalled over-the-counter medicines last month. Some of these products, like Clearblue pregnancy tests, Trojan condoms, and Polident denture products, also failed to meet temperature requirements. The Food and Drug Administration put out both recall notices on September 16, and by Tuesday, September 20, they were the most-searched terms on Google. They didn’t say what temperature the products were kept at or how long they had been there on either notice. But Family Dollar said that it hasn’t heard of any complaints or reports of illness from customers about the Colgate products or the over-the-counter medicines. The recall of over-the-counter products was done “out of an abundance of caution,” the company said in a letter. “Family Dollar has told the affe